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Fall Is In The Air

fall silk

We would like to introduce Josephine Resnick, one of our talented staff and designing consultants here at The Delicate Stitch.  "Jo" has studied design and made beautiful home decor her passion. Much like the artistic elements found in her own home, the designs she offers our clients are exquisite. She has an innate ability to capture and create design concepts which are both unique and elegant.  Welcome Jo, and thank you for the contribution of your first blog post.
Fall is in the air and before the cold snaps us into winter, we find ourselves adding layers, not only to our wardrobes, but our homes as well. Summer sunshine begins to fade to gray clouds, as the leaves transform scenery into a palette of magnificent colors. We are all drawn indoors to the comfort of our homes. Inclinations to surround ourselves with the beauty we see out the window tend to follow us in. This can inspire the designer in us all to look for decor elements that can capture the sight and feeling of fall. Here at The Delicate Stitch we can help you do just that.

Whether you are looking to upholster a faded chair, add an extra bit of color and class with a Fortuny Style pillow, or even customize a throw for the back of your sofa, we are here.  We know that the season can impact your choices, so we present to you the first of our “Selections of the Season”. You may be preparing for the holidays and the family that comes with them, as we recommend the hand-embroidered “Ivory” and the classic stripes of “Veronica” for your decor. In both fabrics we find the warm and vibrant colors we are looking for in fall.

 Fall "Ivory"

In the ornamentation and deeply rich colors made sharp against an ivory canvas, “Ivory” brings the leaves outside to life in your home.

Fall "Veronica"

With the comfort of a plaid, “Veronica” is striped with the golden glisten of a bonfire, a soft line of ash blue seen in the skies, and the vibrant red of the seasons apples. The very apples that are becoming the cider you drink, and the pie you share to keep the cold away.

J. Resnick



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